Your "B" Side

Look for a white space to liberate your demons, to let them free, somewhere you are not judged, somewhere you release your deepest darkest you, the artist, the free, the careless, the one without given rules but the ones you truly believe in. 

Go to a lonely place where you just cross the line of healthy and sane, watch the other side and see if it is as different and wrong as they say, just try and you might find it is not black and white. Play, experience, experiment, know it and know yourself there. Get to find your limits, just touch them with your fingertips watch them closely, walk around them. Make your own path there, don’t let anybody push you in or pull you out, just get there, as deep as you dare and as far as your common sense allows. Touch the limits. Introduce yourself to your demons, ask them questions, why are they there? What do they do? What’s their purpose? Ask them to help you if you need them. They are the “out of the box” the “surprising” the “unexpected” the “B side of you”. Keep them hidden and let them go out just a bit. 

Go to where they coexist within you, dance with them, don’t be afraid, you are just evolving, knowing yourself better, accepting them and yourself, let them thrill you, let them scare you and amuse you and then, only then come back and live with the learning. Use them when necessary and walk confident to know you really have seen how far deep and dark you can go. Proud you can see your darkness within you without running away and without letting it consume you. You just coexist and can use it to make it all better.


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